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Words from our clients
"I work at a Thai energy company when I decide to apply to top MBA programs. The application process including how to develop the best essays is a horrendous work, considering my zero background in business. I myself developed 8 versions of the achievement essay and 3 versions of the career goal essay none of which I personally liked. I almost gave up and almost decided to go to any MBA program my luck would lead me to.
But after the first phone call to MBAThinkTank, I was highly inspired and became focused on my top MBA goal again. I then knew the differences of how post-MBA career will treat me if I get into Top 5 Universities. With their experiences and professional guidelines, instead of wasting effort and time to the unknown, we focused on big pictures as well as important details to develop our application strategies. What I personally praise is the devotion and responsiveness.
I remember while working hard on my full-time job with limited time and being late on my application plan, my consultant worked tirelessly until late night with me to ensure that I could submit my application on time. I have now received admissions offers from the worlds best universities including Stanford, University of Chicago, Kellogg, and London Business School. Thank you, MBAThinkTank!

Admitted to Stanford MBA, University of Chicago MBA, Kellogg MBA, and London Business School

"I want to thank myCollegeThinkTank consultants for helping me throughout the entire application process. Your knowledge of what each school looks for is insightful. Maintaining a good grade while applying to colleges can be extra demanding but I did them both with your help. Now I have a problem deciding between Stanford and MIT, which is a nice problem to have. Thank you so much!"

Admitted to Stanford and MIT (undergraduate)

"Choosing to work with you was one of the most rewarding decisions I ever made. My consultants not only provided insightful information about the admissions process at each top school, but also brought out my unique strengths to impress the admissions board. I received offers from HBS, Wharton and Kellogg despite each programs different focus because of your tailored strategies. I appreciate your hard work and care throughout the grueling application process. Thank you again, again and again!"

Admitted to Harvard MBA, Wharton MBA and Kellogg MBA

"Thank you, MBAThinkTank, for serving as a crucial second pair of eyes for me. My consultant dedicated a lot of time to really get to know me, and helped identify aspects in my life that I might otherwise have overlooked. I appreciate your insightful knowledge on each school's program and your advice on how I can present a complete picture of myself to these schools.
Most importantly, thank you for believing in me. Without your encouragement and support, I would never have applied to Harvard. As it turns out, applying to HBS is one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Admitted to Harvard and Wharton

"I had a problem when picking my stories that will make the highest impact on my application to the masters degree in Public Policy. This prompted me to use MBAThinkTank. Indeed, it was a great decision! My consultants pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Even though I faced a great deal of hard work, what kept me going and performing at my best was the encouragement from my consultants. Harvard just sent me the acceptance letter. Thank you so much!"

Admitted to Harvard Kennedy School

"I work at an audit firm which means a lot of workload and pressure. But what stood me out in an application process is that I have MBAThinkTank as a consultant for me. They guided me through important steps and helped me make strategic decisions especially how to position myself from my disjoint past experiences.
The most outstanding abilities of my MBAThinkTank consultants are their abilities to analyze my strengths and weaknesses quickly and their advice for me to improve my (previously unseen) weaknesses before submitting my application. Their persuasive skill and unparalleled expertise won my trust to rework my application again (despite my workload at office!). But I found that this has become the best advice once I got in to both Kellogg and Columbia. Instead of wandering around, they actually saved my time toguide me with the right direction!

Admitted to to Kellogg and Columbia

"I would like to let you know the good news that I have been admitted to the Wharton MBA. It is like a dream come true to me. I was even offered a $20,000 fellowship! I was very surprised to receive it because I did not submit in any additional scholarship application.
Thank you very much for being a big part of this success. I truly appreciate it and wouldn't have done it without your help and hardwork!"

Admitted to Wharton

"I applied on my own last year and didnt receive any single admission. So, I followed the suggestion of my friend who got into a Top 10 School with your assistance and met you. My consultants diagnosed every part of my application and discovered major weaknesses. They gave me the much-needed confidence based on their historical records. Then, I applied to a few top business schools with the same profile and a slightly improved GMAT score. My consultantsidentified my unique strengths and advised me throughout the process. My few applications turned into admission offers from both Wharton and Kellogg. I, well, should have met MBAThinkTank a year earlier so I didnt have to wait so long to begin my MBA."

Admitted to Wharton and Kellogg

"I am a non-traditional MBA applicant with quite a history of job hopping and a lower than average GMAT score. My length of work experience falls on the lower end of the schools range as well. MBAThinkTank helps me pick the most eye-catching accomplishments so each of my applications is tailored to what each top-tier school looks for. Their insightful knowledge of each program really makes a difference.
I think the key success factor of any MBA application is the applicants confidence. Working with the MBAThinkTank has given me exactly that. My consultants are professional and listening. We worked closely until Im confident that my application is ready for submission. I have learned to think logically and have improved my writing skills significantly as well. Your strategy for the scholarship application works wonder too. I'm so glad Wharton offers me 'a sizable scholarship'! Without you, I dont think I would get admitted to the best two business schools in the world."

Admitted to Wharton and Kellogg

If you are one of the people who think that high GMAT score and high GPA will lead your application to be accepted from Top Business Schools, you are completely wrong. There are also other important factors such as diversity, essays and interviews. MBAThinkTank not only provided impressive services, but also suggested the right business school that most matched my profile and career goals.
There is no doubt that MBAThinkTank has played a vital part of my success. When I first started doing my application, I would not dare to imagine that I will be admitted to Kellogg, Duke, and UCLA. But here I am now; deciding where I want to be for the next 2 years. One more thing that I can say about MBAThinkTank is their responsiveness. They are very responsive in answering my queries and supporting my application under the tight deadline pressure. If you are now choosing which Admission Consultant you would like to work with, then you have to take this factor into account as well. Responsiveness is also the key to the success of your application. Thank you very much once again MBAThinkTank."

Admitted to Kellogg, Duke, UCLA, UNC, Texas Austin, and Georgetown

"Applying to top-tier MBA programs with a low GMAT score and a highly unique background seems an unassailable task. And I was right; I struggled to outline my strengths, struggled to make all essays coherent, and struggled to beat the application deadlines.

But WOW, what a difference Ive made using MBAThinkTanks service! My consultants tirelessly worked with me toguide me on the positioning strategy that was customized to my goals. My application highlighted different parts of my experiences to match each schools curriculum and learning opportunities. My essays became highly focused, compelling and cohesive. MBAThinkTank has turned my former weaknesses into strengths. Your interview preparation sessions were extremely hard, yet insightful and comprehensive. I received offers from all 8 schools applied! Choosing MBAThinkTank service has been one of the best decisions I ever make in years!"

Admitted to London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, IESE, ESADE, HEC, Bocconi, and ESSEC

"Many thanks to MBAThinkTank for my success. My consultants guided me in the right direction for my masters degree applications - to dare to dream and to reach for the stars. Although I applied to different MSc programs,my positioning strategies won admissions at a few top programsalthough I score lowly on my GMAT. You really discovered my hidden strengths which made a difference in my applications. I never thought I would have come this far. Thank you!

Admitted to London Business School and Columbia

"MBAThinkTank is my excellent partner throughout the entire application process. I never thought I would study at one of the best universities in the world with my GPA and GMAT scores; both of which fall even below the 10th percentile of admitted candidates at all schools applied. You are truly an expert in admissions consulting. Im very happy with the service provided as you helped me select schools to apply,guide an application strategy, help a mock interview and most importantly pick the school that I will attend based on my career objectivesyour firsthand knowledge in MBA study is particular helpful. Your experience in business school admission has made my dream of going to my dream school possible.

Admitted to Cambridge, Oxford, Duke and Cornell

"I came to MBAThinkTank after seeing that my test score fell over 100 points below average. However, my consultants talked to me about my background and what I really wanted to do in my career. I knew right away that I had a chance at top schools. Thank you for working with me for eight hours straight on the day before the application was due. Come visit me when you are in the U.K.!

Admitted to Cambridge

"Being admitted to top universities is not easy. The toughest part is how to stand out from thousands of applicants. And MBAThinkTank has helped me achieve that. The in-depth knowledge of the application process was visible immediately from the first day. I like your directness when providing feedback. From these, I was able to come up with creative, cohesive, and unique personal essays. Besides, your mock interviews gave me an additional level of confidence that kept me going smoothly through the interviews.

Big thanks to MBAThinkTank! With your help, I completed my applications with confidence and enthusiasm. It has been a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Out of 6 universities I applied, I received 4 offers from top-tier universities including Kellogg, Columbia, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon. Your assistance was invaluable. You are a big part of my success. I highly recommend MBAThinkTank to anyone applying to the business schools."

Admitted to Kellogg, Columbia, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon

"I worked at a small firm which employs only ten or so employees. So many people said my chance for admission to a top MBA program is doomed. However, my consultantsidentified the uniqueness in my profile. I got into Wharton! I am the only admit to top 3 schools who got a small business background in recent years and I want to pass the credits to my consultants!"

Admitted to Wharton

"Despite my low test score, I earn a seat at Wharton. MBAThinkTank has helped me put together my unique strengths that I'd have otherwise ignored. Your advice was very invaluable to my application. I'd recommend anyone applying to top universities to consult with you!"

Admitted to Wharton

"I did an application last year by myself and was rejected by all the three of Top 20 schools. This year, I decided to use MBAThinkTank with the same test scores. And thats one of the best decisions I have ever done. Thank you for opening door to MIT Sloan."

Admitted to MIT Sloan

"I'd like to credit my success to MBAThinkTank. You are a great source of insight that guided me in my application strategy, which mitigated the fact that my GMAT score is significantly below Kelloggs average. Most importantly, I'd like to thank my consultants because you have pushed me beyond my limits and brought out the best in me. Thank you for your guidance which won admissions at four out of four top-tier schools applied. I eventually achieved my goal because of your support."

Admitted to Kellogg, Duke and two other top-tier schools

"The MBA application process is literally more painful and difficult than anyone who has never gone through it could imagine. But, Im glad I have MBAThinkTank. My consultants helped brainstorm themes and ideas based on their extensive experience in this field. You also served as my big brother, who kept me motivated throughout the process, especially when I felt down. Thank you for working so hard to get me into Kellogg and LBS-the latter with a scholarship worth one year of tuition."

Admitted to Kellogg and London Business School

"MBAThinkTank has been a great thought partner for me throughout the entire MBA application process. My consultants, since the very beginning, have shared countless useful advices. What I am most impressed about it is the breadth and depth of knowledge my consultants have in my industry and each business school, which significantly helped me customize my application. I eventually won seats at Kellogg and Berkeley which are very different in nature, thanks to strategic positioning techniques. And, thank you for the genuine care you have for me. I can feel my consultants care so much about my success that they are willing to work extra hard. All in all, MBAThinkTank really demonstrates awealth of experience!"

Admitted to Kellogg and Berkeley

"My consultants have provided me sensible and reliable comments. I want to thank you for your determination that pushes me to strive for the best, otherwise I would have settled for a much easier school based on my test scores that fall nearly 100 points below mean. I recommend MBAThinkTank to anyone who wants to make your dream come true."

Admitted to University of Chicago

"I had a really poor GPA and was admitted to Columbia. And, that tells how MBAThinkTank has become a tremendous help in my application."

Admitted to Columbia

"I first started my application with a vague idea of how to write a good essay. MBAThinkTank provided me with the guidance which customized to my personal needs. Thanks to your help, I received an offer from Columbia and another top-ten school with scholarship. Thank you MBAThinkTank."
Admitted to Columbia and other top-ten universities

"I had worked for a small family business when I contemplated applying to b-schools. The business only had some ten employees which really worried me since top b-schools tend to admit people who work for large international companies. Then, my friends introduced me to MBAThinkTank which turned the game around. My consultants not only studied my profile but also discussed every area of my family business and responsibilities. They then counseled me to develop a compelling goal statement for each school based onmy extensive research. My consultants brought out the uniqueness in my work and other experiences so distinguish myself from the crowd. I finally received offers from the five schools applied. Thank you so much for your excellent work!"

Admitted to Kellogg, MIT and three other top-tier schools

"Although we had only 2 weeks before the deadline, MBAThinkTankidentified the best of my experiences. I'm really glad to receive an offer from Cambridge and to work with a wonderful advisor!"

Admitted to University of Cambridge

"MBAThinkTank adds value since Day One. I thought I would apply to only a few top-tier schools whose names were well-known to me and my family. But after my consultants elaborated the fit factor between my goals and what each university had to offer, I changed my mind.

Although my professional knowledge was rather specialized, MBAThinkTank guided me to link the big picture of my industry to the work I was doing. Applying to a number of top business schools in a short time could be taxing but your consulting process isreally helpful."

Admitted to University of California, Berkeley and two other top-tier schools

"I spent lots of time editing my own essays and ended up with 8 editions. None seemed outstanding so I contacted MBAThinkTank. Your brainstorming and counseling processes impressed me. The best part was your advice to customize the essay for each university. I got admitted at all three UK universities applied!!

Admitted to London School of Economics

"At the beginning of my application cycle, I was overwhelmed by the rigor of application requirements. So I searched for the best admissions consulting service and chose MBAThinkTank. Through their in-depth understanding of who I am, my consultantsguided a unique positioning strategy that fully customizes my profile and conveys a unique mix of my values and personality.

Besides, I lived overseas. I have been accepted to my dream school. Thank you so much for your tremendous help and support throughout my application process. I could not have achieved this without you."

Admitted to London School of Economics

"My consultants helped me pick the top MSc programs that match my interest. I have become the only Thai student admitted to the newly launched MSc program at LSE. I will follow your advices to prepare myself for the MSc study in these few months before I fly to London as well. Thank you!"

Admitted to London School of Economics

"I had no previous work experience and jumped right from my college to the master's degree. The most impressive highlight I found at MBAThinkTank is the consultants who are willing to listen to my stories and push me to test my own ceiling. Nobody thought I would ever make it. But I am the first student in my undergraduate program to be admitted to this MSc program of LSE. Thank you, MBAThinkTank!"

Admitted to London School of Economics

"I struggled to find a graduate program that suited me because my family runs several businesses. My consultants have helped me tremendously in explaining how each graduate program will help me pursue my goals. I finally decided to apply toa graduate program in real estate. With their business backgrounds, I was impressed by the level of understanding that my consultants had in my complex businesses. Their insightful knowledge of the industry and their genuine interest in my company are what set my applications apart from the pool. I never thought I would study at an Ivy League school with an under-average GPA and test scores."

Admitted to Cornells Graduate Program in Real Estate

"After I told my supervisor during my college internship program that I wanted to pursue a top Communication Arts degree, she referred me to MBAThinkTank. And, my decision to work with you has become a life-changing one! My consultants spent hours discussing the range of my classes, hobbies and extracurricular activities. Although my GPA was at a significant disadvantage, I have become the only Thai student from my university who got into LCC this year!"

Admitted to University of the Arts London: London College of Communication
What the Number Says:
85% of our clients receive 2 admissions offers or more
33% of our clients receive scholarships from universities
$80,000 is the record high scholarship(without sending a scholarship application) from Top 3 MBA program that our clients've won.
Our consultants guide you to strategically position your applications so each application delivers the maximum impact. Youll need it to get into top programs.
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