Graduate Admissions Consulting Services

Graduate applications made easy!

Applying to graduate schools is like venturing into an unfamiliar territory. And it’s true--only 10% of applicants ace the admissions process with logical statements of purpose, well-thought-out research proposals and stellar letters of recommendation. Test scores alone won’t cut it. Only by thoroughly understanding each school’s specialization and by fully customizing your application, you can get into top programs. MBAThinkTank helps you navigate through the uncharted territory.

Our consultants possess extensive experience in graduate admissions ranging from business (MSc. & MPhil.), economics, media, communication, arts, engineering, law to medical. We work closely with you to understand who you are and what you want to accomplish in your academic/career life. Then, we counsel you to write a logical statement of purpose, personal statement and research proposal that impress the admissions committee. We work with you from day one until you get admitted! (We are not affiliated with any university or academic institution.)

You’ll be required to attend our Profile Enhancement Session (PES). Our consultants will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and advise customized action plans to boost admissions chances for your case. Please call to schedule your PES with us today!

Package that suits your needs:

  • Interview you to know who you are
  • Explore choices of schools/programs that match your interests
  • Guide you to pursue activities to improve your candidacy
  • Develop strategic positioning for each target program
  • Counsel you to write compelling essays

Words from our clients

"I had a problem when picking my stories that will make the highest impact on my application to the master’s degree in Public Policy. This prompted me to use MBAThinkTank. Indeed, it was a great decision! My consultants pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. We worked together to build a solid theme that wowed admissions committees. Even though I faced a great deal of hard work, what kept me going and performing at my best was the encouragement and insights from my consultants. They also helped me choose my recommenders and connected me to their contacts at those schools which allowed me to build a network and learn more about the schools. Harvard just sent me the acceptance letter. Thank you so much!"

Admitted to Harvard Kennedy School

"At the beginning of my application cycle, I was overwhelmed by the rigor of application requirements. So I searched for the best admissions consulting service and chose MBAThinkTank. Through their in-depth understanding of who I am, my consultants and I worked together to develop a unique positioning strategy that fully addressed my weaknesses and conveyed a unique mix of my values and personality.

Besides, I lived overseas. But my consultants worked as hard to guide me to fine tune my essays so that they added value to my overall application. I have been accepted to my dream school. Thank you so much for your tremendous help and support throughout my application process. I could not have achieved this without you."

Admitted to London School of Economics

"I had no previous work experience and jumped right from my college to the master's degree. The most impressive highlight I found at MBAThinkTank is the consultants who are willing to listen to my stories and push me to test my own ceiling. Nobody thought I would ever make it. But I am the first student in my undergraduate program to be admitted to this MSc program of LSE. Thank you, MBAThinkTank!"

Admitted to London School of Economics

"I struggled to find a graduate program that suited me because my family runs several businesses. My consultants have helped me in explaining how each graduate program will help me pursue my goals. I finally decided to apply to many graduate programs in real estate according to my consultants' advice. With their business backgrounds, I was impressed by the level of understanding that my consultants had in my complex businesses. Their insightful knowledge of my industry and their genuine interest in my company are what set my applications apart from the pool. I never thought I would study at an Ivy League school with an under-average GPA and test scores."

Admitted to Cornell’s Graduate Program in Real Estate

"After I told my supervisor during my college internship program that I wanted to pursue a top Communication Arts degree, she referred me to MBAThinkTank. And, my decision to work with you has become a life-changing one! My consultants spent hours discussing the range of my classes, hobbies and extracurricular activities. I have developed the Statement of Purpose, which I found to be an intriguing piece of who I am. Although my GPA was at a significant disadvantage, my SOP completely won the admissions committee over. Because of you, I have become the only Thai student from my university who got into LCC this year!"

Admitted to University of the Arts London: London College of Communication

Our consultants guide you to strategically position your applications so each application delivers the maximum impact. You’ll need it to get into top graduate programs.
Each graduate program has its own specializations. Make sure your application addresses your fit into each school.