MBA Admissions Consulting Services


MBA application is an art, not a rocket science! 

With our top MBA educated team, we give you strategies to become a winner in an application process. Successful applications need a good portfolio of test scores, clean resumes, powerful essays, exceptional recommendations, and first-rate interviews. Every year, thousands of applicants have similar test scores as yours. But, we will shine you from the pool of applicants, bring out your uniqueness, and differentiate you from others!

Because each person is different, we tailor a strategy to pursue activities to improve your candidacy for each of you! Our team has extensive education in the top league of the US and European MBAs as well as robust overseas work experiences.

You’ll be required to attend our Profile Enhancement Session (PES). Our consultants will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and advise customized action plans to boost admissions chances for your case. Please call to schedule your PES with us today!

What we provide:

  • Strategies to become a winner in an application process
  • Professionals who have hands-on experiences in the top MBA programs
  • Experts in the US, British, Canadian, and European schools
  • Experts in scholarship applications
  • Strategies to win internship and full-time offers

Package that suits your needs:

  • Interview you to know who you are and to which schools you will apply – we will shine your uniqueness and guide how you fit into the school(s) of your choice
  • Crystallize your ideas – Why MBA? Why now? Why this school?
  • Lay out your strategies to win admissions through a proven counseling system
  • Bring out uniqueness in your resume and guide you to pursue activities to improve your candidacy
  • Counsel you how to write powerful, well-reasoned application essays so you can get into top universities with your polished skills: we are not affiliated with any university
  • Enhance your interview skills
  • Provide mock interviews and feedbacks
  • Counsel which schools to choose among options available
  • Guide your ways to get internship and full-time offers in the US
  • Remember ... an annual salary of US$100,000 could be yours!
Most importantly, our professionals work around the clock to make sure you beat admission deadlines!

Words from our clients

“I work at a Thai energy company when I decide to apply to top MBA programs. The application process including how to develop the best essays is a horrendous work, considering my zero background in business. I myself developed 8 versions of the achievement essay and 3 versions of the career goal essay – none of which I personally liked. I almost gave up and almost decided to go to any MBA program my luck would lead me to.

But after the first phone call to MBAThinkTank, I was highly inspired and became focused on my top MBA goal again. I then knew the differences of how post-MBA career will treat me if I get into Top 5 Universities. With their experiences and professional guidelines, instead of wasting effort and time to the unknown, we focused on big pictures as well as important details to develop our application strategies. What I personally praise is the devotion and responsiveness MBAThinkTank has put on me. I remember while working hard on my full-time job with limited time and being late on my application plan, my consultant worked tirelessly with me until late night to ensure that I could submit my application on time. I have now received admissions offers from the world’s best universities including Stanford, University of Chicago, Kellogg, and London Business School. Thank you, MBAThinkTank!”

Admitted to Stanford MBA, University of Chicago MBA, Kellogg MBA, and London Business School

“Choosing to work with you was one of the most rewarding decisions I ever made. My consultants not only provided insightful information about the admissions process at each top school, but also brought out my unique strengths to impress the admissions board.

Admitted to Harvard MBA, Wharton MBA and Kellogg MBA

"Thank you, MBAThinkTank, for serving as a crucial second pair of eyes for me. My consultant dedicated a lot of time to really get to know me, and helped identify aspects in my life that I might otherwise have overlooked. I appreciate your insightful knowledge on each school's program and your advice on how I can present a complete picture of myself to these schools.

Most importantly, thank you for believing in me. Without your encouragement and support, I would never have applied to Harvard. As it turns out, applying to HBS is one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Admitted to Harvard and Wharton

"I would like to let you know the good news that I have been admitted to the Wharton MBA. It is like a dream come true to me. I was even offered a $20,000 fellowship! I was very surprised to receive it because I did not submit in any additional scholarship application.

Thank you very much for being a big part of this success. I truly appreciate it and wouldn't have done it without your help and hard work!"

Admitted to Wharton

"I am a non-traditional MBA applicant with quite a history of job hopping and a lower than average GMAT score. My length of work experience falls on the lower end of the school’s range as well. MBAThinkTank helps me pick the most eye-catching accomplishments so each of my applications is tailored to what each top-tier school looks for. Their knowledge of each program really makes a difference.

I think the key success factor of any MBA application is the applicant’s confidence. Working with the MBAThinkTank has given me exactly that. My consultants are professional and listening. We worked closely until I’m confident that my application is ready for submission. I have learned to think logically and have improved my writing skills significantly as well. Your strategy for the scholarship application works wonder too. I'm so glad Wharton offers me 'a sizable scholarship'! Without you, I don’t think I would get admitted to two of the best business schools in the world."

Admitted to Wharton and Kellogg

"Big thanks to MBAThinkTank! I received 4 offers from top-tier universities including Kellogg, Columbia, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon. I highly recommend MBAThinkTank to anyone applying to the business schools."
Admitted to Kellogg, Columbia, Duke and Carnegie Mellon
"Despite my low GMAT score, I earn a seat at Wharton. MBAThinkTank has helped me put together my unique strengths that I'd have otherwise ignored. Your advice was very invaluable to my application. I'd recommend anyone applying to top business school to consult with you!"
Admitted to Wharton
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