Law School Consulting Services

Law school applications made easy!

Whether it is LL.M. or J.D. in the US or the UK, applicants will need compelling personal statements, powerful resumes, and strategies for tackling with the admissions process. Working with MBAThinkTank, you’ll make the most of your law school application, from resume and recommendation letters strategies to essay brainstorming and interview preparation. 
As an applicant, you will work with our team members from Top 10 universities. Additionally, our law application consultants possess work experiences at Baker & McKenzie for over 10 years and graduate with LL.M. (with scholarship) from Ivy League universities.  With MBAThinkTank, you gain insight into each of the law schools to which you are applying. (We are not affiliated with any university or academic institution.)

You’ll be required to attend our Profile Enhancement Session (PES) as soon as you can. There are many more items to do in the application process than you can imagine. In the PES, our consultants will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and advise customized action plans to boost admissions chances for your case. Please call to schedule your PES with us today!

Package that suits your needs:

  • Interview you to know who you are 
  • Explore choices of schools/programs that match your interests
  • Guide you to pursue activities to improve your candidacy 
  • Develop strategic positioning for each target program 
  • Advise ways to improve your resume 
  • Counsel you to write compelling essays 
  • Prepare a mock interview
Our consultants guide you to strategically position your applications so each application delivers the maximum impact. You’ll need it to get into top law schools.
Each law program has its own specializations. Make sure your application addresses your fit into each school.